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I've read Mark 9 quite a few times however the thing I love about the Bible, is it never gets old. New details come out and I learn something new each and every time. So before reading the rest of this blog, go read Mark 9. I'll wait.

For real? You're just going to skip the scripture. Seriously, I'll wait.

Okay. Now we're ready.

Later in the chapter Jesus, Peter, James and John come across the other disciples failed attempt to heal a possessed child. There's so many things I love about this moment. The disciples aren't able to heal the boy. Jesus rolls in and says "bring him to me". Jesus heals him but the conversation I want to draw your attention to is what happens next. Once the crowd disperses and it's just Jesus with his crew.

They ask "Why could we not cast it out?" and Jesus responds "This kind can not be driven out by anything but prayer.". Too which I'm assuming the disciples are thinking......."Ummm don't you think we tried that?" I mean think about it. They did exactly what they had seen Jesus do. They attempted to pray it out. They attempted to cast it out. They probably laid hands on him. They may of even broke out the pentecostal anointing oil yet nothing.

What kind of prayer is Jesus talking about then? What kind of prayer can drive out what they couldn't?

Prayer is nothing more and nothing less than communicating with God. I think the time with God Jesus is referring to is what took place previously in Mark 9 when Jesus took Peter, James and John up the mountain and was transfigured before them. It was the four of them that spent time in God's presence that the others missed out on.

It's not the prayer in the moment that changes things and brings the power of God. It's in the preparation. It's the time spent in prayer before the moment that makes the moment. Too often we throw up prayers in the moment but what if we learned to communicate with God and spend time with him before we needed it? Don't wait until you need it. Do it so now so when that moment comes you have the power and strength to face it.

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