I reserve the right....

I reserve the right to be right and to be wrong.

Yesterday, I posted a photo with a description that I still fully believe in, however I made the decision this morning to delete it. In short, it was about this fake money tract and how we as Christians tend to take the cowardly and lazy way out of reaching people. It's the same as the guy yelling at people with a bullhorn. It's easy. It makes us feel good but does it really make a difference? That's up to opinions I guess but I hold to the opinion that there's better ways to reach people without putting them off first. Ways that Jesus modeled such as building relationships and having conversations.

Anyways, I didn't delete it because my mind changed on any of what's stated above. However my mind did change on posting it on social media. While social media has some great things, there's also a huge negative. It's not effective communication! We only read words on a page without getting to hear body language, see the face of the one writing, and we definitely don't hear the tone. A few tips on viewing, posting and commenting on social media....

1. We don't have to post every thing we think

2. We don't have to comment on everything we disagree with

3. We don't have to jump to conclusions

4. We don't have to believe the worst

5. We don't have to be right

We'd all do well to remember the words of Kendrick, "Be humble". Be humble in posting and be humble in commenting.

I reserve the right to grow, learn and even change my mind. So do you. Thank God that we don't have to be the person we were yesterday. As a leader, pastor and christian I want to be a man that would rather make a difference than be right. I don't think this post made a difference. I think it drove a wedge about some people being right and some people being wrong and if it did, I apologize. By the grace of God, we reserve that right too. The right to mercy and forgiveness.

We all reserve the right to choose what voices have access into our lives. While we're called to love people, some people need to be loved from a distance. We don't have time for sideline quarterbacks, backseat drivers, or every other person that has an opinion. There's a lot of people who want to critique and talk about how things should be done but have never actually done anything themselves. Be slow to allow those voices in your life. Let's also all be slow to give tips and advice that we've never lived out.

With that being said, there's always something you can learn. I heard Pastor Craig Groeschel say something to the likes of "you can always learn something even from your critics". We all as humans reserve the right to chew the meat and spit out the bones. Learn from people. Even the people you strongly disagree with because there might only be 1% of what they say that's truthful but it's still beneficial to let that 1% grow you.

Today, I reserve the right to grow and get better. So do you. Let's be better today than we were yesterday and let's be better tomorrow than we are today. That's what grace does. It grows us.

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