Conflicted Culture

You can't turn on the news these days without hearing something about a sexual scandal of some kind whether it be Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein. Yet at the same time, we just a few weeks ago mourned the loss of a man, Hugh Hefner, who spent his entire life objectifying women and making their sexuality their only value.

Now before the comments start about their actions being different things or the difference between rape and porn, but let me stop you. I never said that.

The point is that we live in a conflicted culture. A culture that wants to cheer for the very thing, the very root of the very thing we watch and say "I can't believe a man would do something like that!". Really? I can! I can completely believe that men growing up in a culture where women are viewed as sexual objects first and foremost, where women are encouraged to dress in ways that flaunt their bodies as their determining value, where women are there for man's enjoyment, and where women are viewed as objects to be enjoyed rather than people to be treasured; to grow up and think that harassing women sexually is completely okay. Why? Because we trained them their whole lives for it.

We can't vilify the effect while celebrating the cause. We can't get mad at the fruit of our lives and culture while continuing to sow seeds of that very fruit. It's time we stop blaming the fruit and start getting to the root.

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