Beginnings of a Book

"Do not despise these small beginnings..." - Zechariah 4:10

I preached a few weeks ago and shared with our church that one of my crazy, audacious God dreams was to one day write a book. Not just any book but a best seller. Well, to be honest; that seems pretty impossible considering my writing, grammar, spelling, etc but I guess that's what editors are for right?

Anyways, this morning in my time with God I felt convicted to start where I'm at. I know that I'm not quite ready to write a book but I can start writing. That's what this blog is about in all honesty. Not you but me. I hope it helps you. I hope it encourages you. I hope it inspires you to live the life God's called you to however, it's all about me. It's 100% selfish. It's about me doing what I can where I'm at.

Too often we stay in dream land and while dreaming is great, the people who achieve their dreams are the ones that move from dreaming to working. I've heard it said that "dreams don't work unless you do" and I'll continue by saying "dreams don't work unless you work your dreams where you are". So here, today, I start writing a blog. I could just keep praying about writing a book but instead I'm going to embrace where I'm at, and just start writing. It may not be a book and it's definitely not selling but it's a start.

What's in your heart? What would you like to do in 5 years? Well do something small today that may seem insignificant yet be the very thing that will move your dream forward. Embrace where you are and squeeze out everything that's in it!

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